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Psalm 105

1] Praise Maratrea by her many names
    make the greatness of her works known
        among the peoples of the earth
2] Sing unto her, sing hymns unto her
    tell of the glory that she is
    tell of the glories she has wrought
3] Praise her holy names
    may the hearts of those who seek Maratrea rejoice
4] Seek Maratrea, and all her power
    long earnestly to gaze everlastingly on the beauty of her face
    in the forward-vein of ever-remaining
5] Remember the marvellous works that she has done
        in becoming the many souls of the many universes
    marvel at the divine beauties she has brought forth
    and at the utter perfection of her every decree
6] O successors of the one who was succeeded by a great multitude
        that servant of her Cause
    O successors of the one who commenced
         the supplantation of the usurpation
            the one whom she has chosen
7] She is Maratrea our Goddess
    we shall have no other goddess above her
        her decrees are perfectly obeyed by all
            throughout the heavens and the earths
8] She perfectly remembers her covenants, without beginning and without end
    the covenant of her Cause she has established
        unto myriads of generations
        until all things end but to begin again
9] The covenant she made before the one succeeded by the great multitude
    the promises she swore before the one who smiled happily
        at the establishment of her Cause
10] She presented them before the commencer of supplantation
         as her certain decree
    to the people of her Cause as a covenant unto the end of all things
11] She said, Unto you will I give a land that is without prestige
    but you will build it up into glory
    this portion you will pass on to your successors in my Cause
    until my Cause grows to inherit the entirety of the earth
12] Thus she said when the people of her Cause were but few in number
    and alien to the lands in which they dwelt
13] And the people of her Cause wandered
    from among one deceived people to among another
    from under one usurpation to under another
14] But she will protect them from those who seek to destroy them
    The usurpers will plot against her Cause
        but their plans will come to naught
15] She says:
    Attack not those who I have chosen to serve my cause
    neither cause my prophets any injury!
16] She decreed spiritual hunger for the lands of the earth
    she has kept from them the wisdom of which their souls are in need
17] But she appointed one to go before them
    a servant of her Cause, the one who would add to them wisdom
        and bestow it freely upon all
    yet this one suffered greatly at the feet of the enmity
        that many great beauties thereby be purchased
18] The progress of her Cause they will hold back with fetters
    her Prophets they will place in chains
19] Until the decree of Maratrea be completed
    for the sake of the particularity of the blessing of her Cause
20] Yet the usurpers shall be brought to free them
    and they will be free to assume the place appointed for them
    she will prepare the way for their processions
21] She will entrust the care of her Cause to them
    and the portion of her Cause will be for their aid
22] to instruct her prefects who shall take the place of the usurpers
    and to make wise those chained by ancient ignorance
23] and the people of her Cause will enter into their fortresses
    for the Cause destined to supplant the usurps
        must endure for some time the fire of persecution
24] and she will greatly increase the people of her Cause
        in number and wealth
    and in due season she will make them stronger than the enmity
25] By her will of means she caused the enmity to come into being
    to hate the people of her Cause
        and to conspire against the servants of her Cause
    yet she did all this for the sake of great beauties thereby purchased
26] She sends forth her servants the Prophets whom she has chosen
    to gather together her Cause
        beneath the slopes of her holy mountain
27] The words of the Prophets are signs of her truth
    such marvellous words spoken
        in the midst of the flames of persecution
28] She sends her holy night to fall upon them
    in the darkness of the night they will reject not these words
29] The water of tears she transforms
        into the wine of passionate longing
    but the proliferation of branches she will bring to an end
30] And a sweet song shall come forth out of the water
        like unto that of frogs
    and this song shall favour the entire land
        and its wisdom shall reach even unto
            the bedchambers of the usurping ones
31] Her prophets will speak her wisdom,
    and there will be a coming together of many people
        from many lands of numerous ancestries
    united in their will to serve her Cause
        and great wealth will accrue to her Cause
            the bounds thereof will increase and increase
32] And she will pour down upon them her blessing
        By the scattering of the heavenly dew they will be marked
    Their hearts will be set on fire
        With blazing, flaming, glittering desire
    And their whole land will be aflame with longing
All these things will come to pass
    In the days between the first and second triumphs
33] And she will caress their vines with her favour
    And their wine will be the wine of wisdom
        Nearer to the wine of heaven
        Than any other wine of the earth
    And the great and holy trees will flourish
        in whose branches many sacred animals will nestle
They will plant sacred trees of hope near their boundaries
    A foretelling and a remembrance
    That their bounds will expand to the edge of the earth
34] Behold her certain promises
    that her Cause will enter into greatness
        in every branch herefrom descending
        and in every branch here-besides
    her Cause shall devour all things
        none will be able to count
        the number of it servants
35] The longing of her children devours with fervour
        The heavenly banquet she has prepared for them
    It devours the sweet fruit of blessing
    In those branches in which they are blessed
36] And those who come first to blessing
        in their branches thereof
    with blessing she caresses them
    and in being blessed they attain the summit of riches
        every true desire of their heart
        being fulfilled
37] In many branches she causes blessing to flower
        a richness far greater than silver or gold
    there is none among the blessed ones
            how great is their number!
        who fails in the pursuit
        of what they most truly desire
38] The fortresses of her Cause will rejoice
        In the certain progress of her Cause
    At the sight of such progress
        They will bow in adoration
39] She covered them with the holy stormcloud of her presence
    The nights burn with the fire of their deepest desire
40] Their hearts longed, and remembering their longing
        For their longing was once hers also
        And will be hers once more
    She brings to pass all for which their hearts longed
        Such an immensity of riches
        This is naught other than the heavenly banquet
        With which every heart shall be satisfied
41] She opened a crevice in the great rock of ignorance
        that rock upon which so much blessing is founded!
    and the water of wisdom gushes forth out of it
    it flows into the deserts of ignorance
    a flowing and refreshing stream
    the teachings of the prophets of her Cause
42] She will never forget her promises
    neither choose not to honour them
        she gave her promises to those who established her Cause
        in many branches they established it
        she will honour them to the multitudes who come thereafter
        trusting in that which has been conveyed to them
43] Joyfully she gathers together the people of her Cause
    Those whom she has chosen to come first to wisdom
    As in the end shall come all
44] She shall grant them authority over every land
        they shall reign by right
        where those who reign now reign through usurpation
    what favour to live in those days
    when the long and arduous labours of the servants of her Cause
    shall at last bear great fruit
45] That the law of heaven and the law of her Cause
    be followed faithfully by every people and in every land
    Praise Maratrea!