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Psalm 104

1] In the depths of my heart I praise Maratrea
    O Maratrea my Goddess, your glory is beyond words
        the splendour of your immense beauty
2] The sight of your robes illuminates the mind
    the starry blackness of the night sky is among your garments
3] She reveals herself to us, the heavenly sea which she is
    she dwells in her heavenly cavern
        she is a dark stormcloud
            which will rain love upon us
    from the furthest heaven where she dwells
        wherein her sacred cave is hidden
    she sends forth spirits in service to her
        to the furthest extremities of the many worlds
4] The spirits vowed faithful to her Cause she appoints as her messengers
    to bestow her wisdom upon the earth, and to reveal it to her Prophets
    her servants set hearts aflame with the fire of desire
5] She has born the many worlds
    they shall not cease until all things be fulfilled
6] The dark abyss is your raiment
    a holy mountain rises out of the sea
7] Your caresses draw many to rush toward you
    they adore the sound of your thunder
8] You cause mountains to arise
        the holy mountain to mark the ingathering of your Cause
    you cause valleys to form
        wherein the blessed ones dwell
9] You have established boundaries that none may surpass
    once cast down, the usurpers shall return not
        to their reign upon the earth
            until all things end but to begin again
10] You cause holy springs to issue forth on the slopes of your holy mountain
11] You give them heavenly wine to drink
    the wine of blessing, which is the true life
    which wine you will bestow upon many worlds
    you will make a break in the way things have been
    they desire eagerly, but you will cause their desire to bear fruit
    even as it is herenow barren
12] The heavenly winged creatures make their home by the sacred waters
    nestled among the branches of the great tree they sing praise
13] She pours down her rain of wisdom from her heavenly chambers
    upon the servants of her Cause, gathered eagerly on mountain slopes
        all will be satisfied with the fruit of her great work
14] She causes verdant foliage to grow
        the sacred animals rest in its shade
    and herbs with fine flavour
        a foretaste of the banquets of heaven
15] And heavenly wine, the wine of blessing
    brings ecstasy to every heart
        and earthly wine, a foretaste of that which is heavenly
    a beautiful countenance anointed with sacred oil
        consecrates the sacramental cakes
            which strengthen those who partake of them
16] The two trees of Maratrea overflow
        with satisfaction at the ends they attain
    with firmness she will establish clarity of the truth
17] Therein do the winged creatures make their home
    and blessedness is found in the midst of death
18] On the heights of your mountain the excellent will dwell
     the crags and the cliffs are refuges for the treasure of your wisdom
19] She brought forth the holy moon, in the days of its being
    to the holy sun she granted knowledge of how all things will end
        C. This verse is a reference to the moon goddess and the
           sun goddess. But greater is the knowledge she has granted
           the moon than the sun; if such things she has taught the
           sun, we cannot conceive of what wisdom she has bestowed
           upon the holy moon!

20] You impose darkness; and the sacred night does visit us
    O holy night, you are like the three Sabbaths
        at the beginning end of time
    how many sacred animals then do move in your holy forests?
21] Those covered by the favour of your Cause give forth their roar
    they are preparing to tear down the standards of the usurpers
        they will secure for themselves
            the earthly banquet you have promised them
            a banquet upon the earth nearing those of heaven
        and the heavenly banquet thereafter
22] The sun rises, radiating the light of truth upon the soil
    they people of the Cause are being gathered
    they go forth to their gathering place
        and there they rest for a while
        why they prepare themselves for the final battle
23] The people of her Cause go forth to do their work
    to progress her Cause and to serve it
    until the evening
        dusk begins with first triumph
        with second triumph the sun does set
        and in the midst of the night, all things end
            but to begin again
24] O Maratrea, how manifold are your fruits!
        You have born many souls in many universes
    in your wisdom you have become them all
        the many branches are filled with your children
25] You are a vast and spacious sea
    teeming with souls we cannot number
        of humans and of the sacred animals
26] Our souls are as ships travelling through the sea which you are
    but soon they must all sink beneath your waves
        the sacred animals frolic also in the sea which you are
        even the holy whales
27] Every soul waits upon you
    for the season in which you welcome it to the banquet of blessing
28] You will bestow upon every soul blessing
    how glad will they be to receive your certain gift!
        soon the day will come when you unleash your power
        to bring about all these things
    then they will be satisfied with beauty in glory
29] The liars say we shall not see the beauty of your countenance
    what terror is that thought to our hearts
        but you will take away the voice that lies
        it will cease, and disappear into the dust
30] You send forth the spirits vowed to serve you in your Cause
    through their ministry your Cause is established
    through your Cause the entirety of the earth will be renewed
31] The glory of Maratrea endures, without beginning and without end
    her ecstasy is in her very own being
32] the glance of her beautiful countenance causes hearts to tremble
    they become as mountains trembling and smoking
33] May I sing to Maratrea my whole life long
    may I sing praises of Maratrea as long as I live
34] May I find pleasure in meditating on her
    may I rejoice in Maratrea my Goddess
35] The wickedness of the enmity shall be brought to an end
        they will reign in usurpation over the earth no longer
    For this does my heart praise Maratrea
        Praise Maratrea!