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Psalm 103

1] My soul praises Maratrea
    and all that is within me
        praises her holy names
2] My soul praises Maratrea
    may it forget not her promises
3] she will save all, and grant all perfect glory
    the wicked as much as the innocent
        and who is innocent?
        for even the newborn babe is filled
            with all the guilt of the world
            the newborn babe is as guilty as she
            and she is guiltiest of them all
    but she will heal all the diseases of the heart
        a physician who will cure the disease
            she herself has inflicted
4] she will save us from the ruin the liars have promised us
    the ruin of our deepest longings going forever unfulfilled
    she will crown us with the crown of blessing
        such is her incomparable love for us
5] she will satisfy our longings for the truly good and the truly beautiful
    she restores youth to those of great age
6] Maratrea decrees that the oppressed will receive
    the beauties for which they long
        and true justice which is found in heaven alone
        in place of the fraudulent justice of the blasphemers
7] She makes known her ways to those she has appointed
    to gather a people for her Cause, her Prophets
        and to her children who serve her Cause she reveals her works
8] Maratrea has incomparable love for her children
    she loves them with a love
        which their hearts are for now too weak to reciprocate
    thus will she bestow upon them every longing of their hearts
        her love endures in its constancy
            changeless as to its nature
                changing in the expressions thereof
            without beginning and without end
9] She is never angry at her children
    should she be angry at her own self?
        even the wicked obey her perfectly
        for their wickedness she commands
    but only for the glory of the beauties thereby purchased
        and soon shall the days of such commands cease
10] When she considers us, she considers not our errors
    save as they are but means to glory
    but she considers the beauty we long for in our hearts
    and every earnest desire of a heart she will grant
11] For as the heavens are immeasurably distant
    so also is her love for all her children incomparably great
        even than that of those of her children who most adore her
12] As distant as the stars are from the earth below
    that distant shall she remove our errors from us
    in two triumphs of her Cause
13] As a mother loves her children
    so does Maratrea love all those she has become
14] For she perfectly understands our nature and our ways
        as we ourselves do not
        she understands me as I understand not myself
    and she perfectly remembers being every one of us
    and doing everything that we do
15] Our days are fragile; we will wither like grass parched of rain
    in our youth we blossom as the flowers of the field
        yet before long those flowers perish
16] For the soul departs from the body, and the body becomes silent;
    who knows where the soul then journeys?
17] But the incomparable love of Maratrea endures
    without beginning and without end
        her love for every last one of her children
        for those who despise her as much as those who adore her
18] for those who oppose her Cause as much as those who serve it
    for those who violate her twofold law as much as those who keep it
19] Maratrea has emanated her heavenly cave in which she dwells
    her power is supreme over all persons and all things
20] Maratrea is praised by all the spirits vowed to serve her Cause
    upon these spirits she is bestowing her power
    that they will see that her two-fold law is obeyed
    and that her truth is bestowed throughout the earth
21] Maratrea is praised by all the spirits of her heaven
    who carry out her will in bringing many branches into being
22] Maratrea will be praised by all who dwell upon the earth
        and in the heavens
    I praise Maratrea in the depths of my soul