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Psalm 102

1] Without doubt, O Maratrea, my prayer is heard by you
    for perfectly do you remember you yourself so praying
2] The beauty of your countenance you will keep hidden from me
    for but a little while longer
    in these days of my distress
        days which yet purchase many days of beauty
    you reveal to me your truth
        and every longing of my heart you will answer
        with all possible haste
3] Joy vanishes from my days like smoke disappearing
    my bones ache as if they were glowing embers of a fire
4] My heart is smitten with longing for glory
    so greatly does my heart thirst for distant glories
        that I forget the needs of the day
5] My soul is famished from the sound of my sighing
    Like one whose skin clings to their bones
6] Sickened by the deceit of the world
        I vomit in the wilderness
    in the desolate places I drink my cup
7] I lie awake in solitude
    having the night as my only friend
8] Day after day does the enmity taunt us
    The servants of the enmity use our name as a curse!
9] My banquet is the ashes of destroyed dreams
    and I have naught but tears for wine
10] On account of the immensity of your longing
    for beauties which are for now to me unknown
    you have caused me to be raised up
        only to be cast down
11] My days are as the shadows at dusk
    I am as the grass which has withered for want of rain
12] But you, O Maratrea, endure without beginning and without end
    you will be remembered in every generation
    unto the end of all things
13] Your longing for the end will arise
    you will pour out your love on your holy city
    the time will come when you will bestow freely upon your Cause
        the glory of progress unto triumph
    we must wait but a little while; then that day will come
14] The sacred stones are dear to the servants of her Cause
    they acknowledge her favour with incense
15] The unbelievers will adore your names, O Maratrea
    and those who long for you will reign over the earth
16] Maratrea will build up her holy city
    wherein will appear a sign of her glory
        the Saviour to Come
17] The longings of the destitute she longs to fulfil
    just a little while, and she will fulfil every last one of them
18] These things are written for generations yet to come
    that those souls yet to be brought out of her
        may praise also their heavenly mother, Maratrea
19] From her chamber in her far beyond heaven
    Maratrea sees all that anyone sees
        for she perfectly remembers she herself so seeing
20] she hears the groans of the prisoners
        victims of the fraudulent justice of the blasphemers
    the cry of those chosen for wicked sacrifices unto Pandal
        to all these things, she shall put an end
        and to the reign of those who do them, the usurpers
21] The many names of Maratrea will be declared upon her holy mountain
    and she will be praised in her holy city
22] Many peoples gathered into one people, the people of her Cause
    who will cast down the usurpers to dust, and assume their place
        together they will worship Maratrea, and serve her Cause
23] At the height of my strength you have weakened me
    what beauties have you purchased thereby
        beauties for now hidden from me?
    though you shorten the days of those who die before their time
        in other branches you grant them life upon life
            until they have had their fill
24] I said, O my Goddess,
    you will not take away Cause in the midst of its days
    in branches from here descending
        its establishment proceeds to triumph unvanquished
    the ages endure until you will for every branch an end
25] Long ago you divided and emptied yourself
    to become the many souls of the many universes
        all who are in the heavens, and in the earths
    have been you, and shall be you once more
    and you have been them, and you shall be them once more
26] The day will come when even the sun and moon and stars will perish
    but you will remain in the fullness of your glory
        without beginning and without end
    the heavens and the earths are your garments, O Mother
        even now they are near new, and only a little worn
        but they day will come when they become old and tattered
            and you will cast them into the flames
    after abiding a while in your nakedness
        you will sew yourself a new garment
        which will be the very same garment
            which into the flames you cast
        that which you burnt to naught you will in turn sew
27] Though you change, you are changeless
    you endure without beginning and without end
28] Your children will dwell in your presence, and in identity to you
    through the great work of the servants of your Cause
        all will inherit blessing, every last one
        and blessing has union as its fruit and its end