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Psalm 101

1] I will sing of your incomparable love for us, O Great Mother
        And of your true heavenly justice, in your chamber thereof,
        Most unlike the fraudulent justice of the usurpers upon the earth

2] May I understand your truth without imperfection,
        May you reveal to me the vision of your beauty
        That I shall walk in accordance with your law
        In the house of your Cause

3] My eyes long not for things that are evil;
        Yet those who love evil, still yet do I love them.

4] Loving them without following in their way,
        But leading them unto the perfect truth.

5] Those whose lips praise evil will hear not from me approval of their words
        But I shall feast in great banquets
        With those who love the truly good and truly beautiful and truly true

6] Upon those who love the truth I will look with great kindness;
        I shall help them, as they shall help me:
        Both thereby serving her Cause

7] I shall not keep a house where evil deeds are done,
        Nor a house were evil words are spoken without being condemned

8] I shall silence those wicked ones who preach vile sacrifices;
        Their preaching is prohibited in the holy city
        And morning by morning I shall sing praises of Her name.