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Psalm 10

 1] O Maratrea, though at times it seems that far off you abstain,
    And neglect us us in times of affliction,
    When a change in your wills would be opportune;
    Yet in truth you are as close to me as my very own self, never hidden,
    For naught seen by my eyes is other than you and your will.
 2] The impious enmity in its pride does persecute and burn us,
    The for now poor and downtrodden servants of your Cause;
    But they will be caught themselves in the schemes they have devised for us.
 3] For the servants of the enmity boast of the longings of their corrupt and self-ignorant hearts, knowing not what they truly desire:
    They favour the usurpers, and blasphemers of justice, and the wicked murders, and the crimes against love, and the bloody sacrifices unto the pallid Pandal:
    All of which Maratrea abhors, in her will as to ends.
 4] Those who serve the enmity seek not after the truly good and the truly beautiful, which is Maratrea, for such things have no home in their thoughts:
    By these their misdeeds they provoke her passionate longing for the end.
 5] Their ways are ever overflowing with vileness; your perfect laws are beyond their comprehension - the law of heaven, and the law of your Cause
    They sneer at your Cause, which they hate - for how much longer shall they dominate all their enemies?
 6] They say unto themselves in their hearts, "Naught shall ever shake us; none shall ever do us harm."
 7] Their mouths are full of curses, and of lies, and of threats
    Upon their tongues are toil and misery.
 8] In palaces of blasphemous usurpation they dwell among wealth, preparing to murder those whom they equal in guilt
    Bloody sacrifices for Pandal, the false god which they gladly serve in their hearts.
 9] As demon-infested lions, in palatial concealment they wait
    To snatch away the lives of her children,
    Whose blood they drink for the sustenance of the evil of their hearts.
10] Their helpless victims are crushed; their lives fail beneath the strength of such wickedness.
11] They say unto themselves, in the depths of their hearts,
    "None shall ever notice; their is none who sees with power to oppose us; and if any have that power, they cover their face and see not."
12] You will arise, O Maratrea! You will raise up your hands bestowing blessedness, O holy Goddess; you will not forget the helpless.
13] Why does the enmity revile your Cause, O Goddess?
    Why do they say unto themselves, in the depths of their hearts, "None shall call us to account"?
    They speak these lies for it is your will that they so speak them
    But the lies of the unbelievers will provoke your passionate longing for the end of every branch
14] But you, O Goddess, know the trouble of the afflicted, which trouble you have known firsthand
    you remember their grief as you experienced it
    The victims of fraudulent justice commit themselves to you:
    You are the helper of those whom their bloody sacrifices have orphaned.
15] Shatter the swords of the servants of the enmity, and of the vile ones!
    Call them to account for their wickedness they have done, for which they praise each other.
16] Maratrea is Queen of her Heaven, without beginning and without end;
    the usurpations will perish from all of the many branches she has wrought,
    until all things begin again.
17] You, O Maratrea, know the desire of the afflicted, for their affliction has been and shall be your affliction
    you encourage them when they cry.
18] You defend those orphaned by the bloody wicked sacrifices of false justice
    the usurpers shall not continue to brag upon the earth.