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Sunday Evening Service

Hail Maratrea, most gracious, you are our Lord
Blessed are you amongst beings,
and blessing is the fruit of your being
Holy Maratrea, Mother Goddess,
we your children pray to you now,
preparing for the hour of our death

V. Maratrea sent forth her messenger, to proclaim her truth
R. Thus were established the most holy Prophets

Hail Maratrea...

V. Behold her faithful servant, captain of the Spirits of her Cause
R. Who does always according to your will of ends

Hail Maratrea...

V. We pray unto you, O Holy Mother Goddess
R. That your servant Navaletus shall bring forth your promises in us, by your favour

Hail Maratrea...

Let us pray: Most holy Mother, we know without doubt that you are pouring forth your truth into our hearts: that we to whom the true nature of things was made known by your servant-messenger, will be brought soon to the glory of the final end, through the same messenger and his prophets.

Praise there be to She Who Remains...

Refuge in her favour
We take refuge in the protection of the favour of your cause
Most Holy Mother Goddess
you despise not our petitions
though so we may think in our weakness
but whatsoever we truly wish
without doubt you grant completely
by your favour you protect your cause
from all that seeks to extinguish it
O promiscuous glory, O sum of all blessing

Prayer to Navaletus
Most Holy Navaletus
Captain of the Spirits vowed faithful
to her most holy Cause
for the final end of all things
you will defend us in the battle of this Cause
against the spirits of the enmity thereto
you are ever our protection against their wickedness
and the snares of their captain in evil
the most pallid Pandal
may we rebuke them as you rebuke them
thus do we pray
O prince of the armies of heaven
by the power of her will
thrust into obliteration the pallid Pandal
and all his servant-spirits
who herenow prowl about the earth
opposing her Cause

The Heavenly Queen Rejoices
Heavenly Queen, how do you rejoice!
For we, whom you bore out of your very own soul
Have returned to you, as you promised us
As we prayed would soon be fulfilled

V. Immense is your ecstasy, O promiscuous glory, Maratrea
R. For every soul returns to you.